It’s a date!

Russian Cafe_1724

The random forces of arbitrary decisions have designated Thursday, April 15th 2010 as the start date for project Do take the time to visit the site once in a while, as I add features such as our About page titled “What’s the big idea?” which I’ve created today. If you follow the links, you can find more background information of what motivated me to start this project. On Day 1 (April 15th, in case you’ve forgotten already!) I will start things off with a simple and fun exercise and I hope everyone will jump right in. How this project (and this site) takes shape will largely depend on your participation. I hope you are excited about this as I am; infinite possibilities tend to make my heart beat just a little bit faster. <3



  1. sounds lovely! can’t wait to read about the assignment you’v cooked up for us :-D

  2. Skitty

    This will be a great motivator! Thanks Ilana!

  3. zlatovyek

    What marilou said +I love this this visual. May I request a personal copy of it? (xxx)

  4. zev

    I am waiting for day one , and all following thereafter xxx

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