First Assignment

C Graffito R (Boston, MA) IMG_5561_4 A T Amsterdam!
Candy T letter h r letter E DSC_0100
letter S Information Wood Scrabble Tile X T McElman_091012_4124_01
5 ./* letter C letter O letter M

Using any medium you wish, create an image representing the name of our project.

You could for example try various doodles with “createthreesixty5” as a starting point, or just play with the numbers “365” or even just the number “5”. You can make this project as simple or as complicated as you like, i.e. just fill a notebook page with a bunch of different 5’s using different sorts of type styles, or use coloured crayons or watercolours to illustrate “365”, or take a photo of a bunch of stones in the shape of a “5”… you could make a collage by hand or on Photoshop, and if you’re a designer (or just like to play around) you could try your hand at creating an actual logo or some sort of type play (again, could be just sketches or computer-rendered artwork).

If words are you forte, you could suggest taglines which might eventually replace our current “Perfection is overrated, it’s all about the process.”

There is no deadline* for this assignment and you can feel free to submit ideas any time during the year and as often as you like. What I’d eventually like to do is either create a page where we can see everyone’s suggestions and/or actually use the work to change-up our masthead or intro page (once I figure out how to do that or somebody helps me!)

Once a month, I will post a prompt or theme that you can use as a starting point for any project you’d like to post on this site. I’ll also suggest a weekly sub-theme for those who want to participate on a daily, or more regular basis. Use the prompts or don’t, there’s no “right” or “wrong” way of participating! Most of all, just have fun with it! And don’t forget—we’re not after perfection… it’s all about the process.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with. —Smiler

Image generated using Spell With Flickr

*For those of you who need deadlines to produce stuff… deadline is… yesterday! Meaning we need your creations asap to make this site worth visiting. Don’t wait until you have something “perfect” before submitting it… ideally, just keep working on different versions and submit them as you go. If you don’t know how to create a post, see “Rules & Guidelines” for more details.



  1. lalaloutje

    what’s wrong with a deadline honey? (now i’ll just continue saying to myself i’ll make time for it ‘later’…)

  2. rlbourges

    I like the fact you don’t set a deadline. xx

  3. zev

    No deadline for submission would be good for participants that wish so , while submission with a deadline is good for the ones wishing so . so i suggest it to be a matter of personal choice

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