…dimanche …lundi …mardi …mercredi …



  1. lalaloutje

    che bello!

  2. Love it! It’s so lyrical… I hope you don’t mind the title switch to English. I would have left it (for future reference, French is of course fine with me), but for the fact that it took me, the FrEnglish one here a while to figure it out… just making it more user-friendly for now but that said feel free to be as cryptical (or not) as you please. In any case, I hope this edit doesn’t bother you. xx

  3. FYI, right after I posted the previous comment, I realized I could as easily leave it in French and just spell out “Dimanche”. It seems that my theme is currently set so that post title words are all capitalized by default. In any case, I do love the fact that you can always change your mind about what the “final” word is with blogging without batting an eye, unlike say… magazines where one #$%&@! little typo is there forever until they end up in the recycling bin or worse, in a trash dump. :-)

  4. rlbourges

    The edit is fine. I prefer the title in French since the words appeared in French on the old calendar I used for my scribbling; so it was a sort of wink-wink – at least, in my head, it was. xx

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