Assignment #2

Drawing 101

Drawing 101
Part 1
Drawing 101
Part 2

Above are results from the Drawing for Beginners class I started taking today. The best way to get over fear of failure and perfectionism is to begin from the beginning. The first exercise we did, called Blind Contour Drawing, is described in a great book called Drawing On The Right Side of The Brain and teaches you how to really look at something, which is the foundation of drawing. No matter what level you are at, I suggest you try it too.

Part 1: Pick a simple object. Could be a piece of fruit or vegetable, your hand, a shoe, anything. Set a piece of paper to draw on and TURN AWAY FROM IT so you can’t see it. You want at all time to be ONLY looking at the object you are drawing. Keep your drawing instrument on the page. No matter how strange it feels, do not at any point look at the page and don’t lift up your pencil, drawing in one continuous line. Do this as slowly as possible and focus on every single detail. The results are always surprising and usually very quirky. It’s a great way to get beyond what almost everyone says: but I don’t know how to draw because anyone can do this. You can do it as many times as you want to. You can stop there. Part 2: If you want you can also do the same exercise, i.e. drawing very slowly while closely observing the same object, this time looking at what you are doing. Then show us your results!




  1. lalaloutje

    don’t you just LOVE this excercise?
    drawing with your left hand (when you’re righthanded, otherwise the other way around ofcourse) is the same kind of FUN!

    • Yes I do really like this exercise. It’s a great way to get over inhibitions and I love that you never know how it’s going to turn out too.

  2. LOL were you looking at a, um, lady’s privates? :-D

  3. The first drawing reminds me of the self-portrait by John Lennon, which was used as the logo (if you will) for the Imagine movie.

  4. lalaloutje

    the first one is especialy adorable to me! so innocent, looks like a fuzzy sheep…

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