50′s Diner

50's Diner, by Guacira Naves


So I had an opportunity to discover some places outside of the metropolitan Vancouver area on Sunday, and this diner provided me with lots of photographic eye-candy… as well as a cheeseburger with bacon, side order of fries and Boylan’s grape soda!

50's Diner and Grape Soda, by Guacira Naves


I took these photos fully intending to upload them here as my daily contribution, but got too tired to do so before the day was over. So here it is. If you’re so inclined, you may see other photos resulting from that outing on my Flickr channel.



  1. Gorgeous & yummy looking. It’s bed-time for me and here I am drooling over burgers, fries & pop! That should make for interesting (Kodachrome) dreaming… xox

  2. zeev shamir

    I love those shots . if you in Montreal you could find a similar corner server on the corner of DE maisonneuve and saint Laurence

  3. guacira

    Thank you for taking the time to comment, Zeev!
    I don’t remember the diner at the corner of Maisonneuve and St-Laurent. I do however remember Ben’s Deli, but have just learned that they closed a couple of years ago. Such a shame.
    Montreal surely provides lots of opportunities for some fantastic photos…

    • I’d been wanting to take pictures, or at least organize a photo shoot at Ben’s for the longest time and was very sad to see it close before I had a chance to do so. It lives on in my memory.

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