On my way back from a meeting in the Yaletown district here in Vancouver, I had some time to enter a store which, in spite of its over-the-top prices, is “design eye candy.” Stuck behind a display cabinet, without any space for me to sneak in front of, lied this derelict little piano with some old, religious sheet music atop it. It took some arm gymnastics and several tries, but I managed to get some shots. Here they are:

Derelict piano and sheet music, by Guacira Naves

Derelict Piano & Sheet Music, by Guacira Naves

Sheet Music, by Guacira Naves

Sheet Music, by Guacira Naves



  1. So cool that you’ve embraced this site! You’ll notice I took away the self-criticizm though, that’s something we could ALL do without… xx

  2. guacira

    Ehehe… Criticism can surely cause paralysis. But I’d like to think that I take it easy on myself.

    • Paralysis… that has certainly been true in my case. Nothing I did was ever good enough. So now I like to celebrate every single effort, and in order to do that, have to keep criticism at bay. I know it’s not good to be extreme about anything and that some people aren’t self-critical ENOUGH, but that’s a different story altogether.

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