In answer to Guacira’s piano in Vancouver:

This old Pleyel. It sits in what used to be a pickle factory, in a small town in Southwestern France.



  1. guacira

    Oh my goodness… that is beautiful! Thank you for this!

  2. Gorgeous shot, I agree. xx

  3. rlbourges

    Thank you both + question: the present setting produces very large ‘prints’ when I publish – they seem a bit overwhelming, no? From a viewers’ perspective, would a more medium-sized print be better?
    cheers to you.

    • Yes, I actually went and reduced your file sizes in the editor so your images would be viewable without necessitating scrolling. You might (for one) have a look at the new “I am an Author” page I’ve created under rules & guidelines (I was going to post about it within the next few days so that our other authors have a chance to take it in too). One thing I suggest there is to ensure your image is no larger than 700 pixels on the WIDEST side.

      A very easy way to adjust this is, when you view your post in the HTML editor, locate the part that starts with img for example: [img src=””width=”960″ height=”640″]. There might be a whole bunch of other code there, but just concentrate on where it says “width=” and “height=”

      Just replace the larger number with “700” (whether width or height) and remove the other tag. For example, if your image was 960 pixels wide by 640 pixels high as shown above, it would now simply read “width=”700″” and you would remove the height and number associated with it. If you have a look at your image size in this post (in the HTML editor), you’ll see what I mean. I’ll write this all in an upcoming tutorial if need be. In the meantime, I suggest you try it (worse come to worse your image will come out wrong and you’ll just have to start over again). If it’s too much bother, just keep posting them at full size and I will resize them for you until you’ve figured it out. xx

      • rlbourges

        thanks, I’ll check it out; I think it’s relatively simple to handle but I’ll let you know if I can’t figure it out.( xx) to you. Le 29 avr. 10 07:12,

    • p.s. Have a look at Gua’s Piano post again, those images are 700×700. At that size, they look fine on my 15″ laptop screen, but if they still seem too big to you, then just use the tip I gave you above and adjust it to smaller. I would NOT go any smaller than 500 dpi (the maximum width my template has allowed me to use on my Smiler blog).

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