From the Editor’s Couch

Emma playing piano

Can you believe we got started just two weeks ago and already have dedicated contributors going strong with several postings a day? As for me, the editorial & administrative work, R&D for content and design, working on many inspiring projects all at once… are also part of my daily creative activities and sometimes keep me from posting daily as I said I would. I’ve gotten lots of great feedback, and also been asked why we mostly feature photos. Photography is creative and useful to show work in other mediums, so we’ll always feature lots of pics and that’s fine. I will give prompts to urge you to flex and stretch your creative muscles and try new things. That’s essential to avoid falling into a rut or relying on formulas and is also VITAL because creativity thrives on variety, not to mention challenges too. Just as important: the more contributors around the globe from all walks of life take part, the wider the range of projects we’ll feature, hopefully making use of many different mediums to inspire and encourage everyone involved! For this reason, whether you’ve been following us since the first seed was planted or just joined us now, here are 10 simple ways you can help get the word out about

  1. Send invites to friends, family, co-workers & acquaintances via Facebook or email. Encourage them to join us as readers/commentors/collaborators
  2. Mention the project to people you know or even to strangers!
  3. Bookmark this site & link to your blogrolls and/or favourites
  4. Share posts you like with your buddies
  5. Subscribe to this site to receive email notifications at your chosen frequency, this also enables you to:
  6. Add your favourite posts to Stumbleupon, Digg,, Reddit, or any social networking site
  7. Upload your images on Flickr, tag them with the label “”, add them to various groups, including ours
  8. If you don’t have a Flickr account, open one to upload and host images you want to feature on our site. Again, be sure to tag them “” (very important)
  9. Keep jamming on the words, numbers & concept of and sending your contributions year-round—you’ll eventually see it all start to come alive!
  10. Keep your comments coming! Even a simple word or two is great encouragement for contributors and for yours truly too of course! :-)

Pick one or pick them all, every little bit helps!

Snapshot by Smiler. Quality Canon outtakes from that shoots will eventually follow.


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