Leafy Studies

Watercolour Studies

Watercolour Studies

These are from today’s Watercolour for Beginner’s class; studies on leaves using different techniques and variations of greens. I find doing these kinds of exercises very relaxing, maybe because the results don’t matter, the point is just to practice and try things. I was going to add more detail to the middle leaf in the second one, but I decided to stop before finishing… ;-)

Watercolours & photos by Smiler.



  1. guacira

    My gosh, these seem incredibly challenging to make! Congratulations!

    • Challenging, yes. Difficult, no. One of the things about watercolours is that you can’t be too controlling about it. There’s always an element of surprise. A good way to let go of expectations as far as results go.

  2. rlbourges

    love these, with the dabs of color along the sides.

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