Bust & Shadow

Bust, by Guacira Naves

Bust, by Guacira Naves

Shadow & Bust, by Guacira Naves

Shadow & Bust, by Guacira Naves



  1. Wow, I love these photos.

    • guacira

      Thank you so much, Pini!
      I must say that I’m quite partial to them myself… but it’s always heartwarming to hear that someone else also loves them…

  2. The bottom one reminds me of a Man Ray image I used as a reference for an Illustration Friday drawing I did for an ‘Electricity’ theme. Here’s the link to my illo if you’re curious. And here’s a link to Man Ray’s original in case you haven’t seen it before. Either way, you’re a natural and have a great eye. Keep going. xox

    p.s. I just found out through trial and error that you can’t link web sites to text in comments. Sucks. Or maybe I just haven’t figured out the trick on WP?

    • guacira

      Hi Dear!

      It’s always healthy to hear from you that I have a great eye. It’s validating. I did have a look both at your illustration and Man Ray’s original, and am thankful that you pointed them out. I was unfamiliar with his work.

      I edited your comment to link the text in it to the Websites that you mentioned. If you’re logged onto the site’s backend when you post a comment, just click on the “link” option (third to the left in the navigation menu, immediately after “b” and “i”).

      Wish you were here in Vancouver…

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