When the Donkey Came to Town

Photos by Zeev



  1. marilou

    like the one with the cars and huge buildings in the back (where the donkey seems to try hiding from it all behind a tree, just as tiny as he)!

  2. zeev shamir

    Its refreshing to hear an observation i did not see at the time… Thank you

  3. rlbourges

    I love the donkey. Where exactly is this?

  4. zeev shamir

    I met this donkey on my walk with Lulu my pincher. Lulu and the donkey did not get along very well, but the shots were fine. The donkey was part of a gypsy-style caravan. They were preparing pasta or bread in the yard. The yard is a parking lot in front of the once dolphinarium by the beach, south Tel -Aviv. I wend there the next day (or two days later) with the idea to take photos of the caravan life in the yard… but as it happens they were gone.

  5. rlbourges

    Yes, I notice the tower behind the tree now. toda.

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