Succulent Series, Part 2

Succulent Series, Part 2

Succulent Series, Part 2

Succulent Series, Part 2

Succulent Series, Part 2

Step 1 of this project, where I was concentrating on the negative space, is shown in the two top pictures (top row). For step 2, I started working on 8 more 6×8” canvases (out of which I’ll choose my favourite 6), again working from coloured backgrounds, but this time I’m doing studies of the plant itself. I’m working in layers and keep trying things until the final image feels right and so far, the only one I consider “finished” is the canvas in the top photo (bottom left), so they may all end up looking quite different as things progress. Click here to view part 3.

Paintings & Pics by Smiler.



  1. marilou

    just LOVE them!
    wanna be in you class….

    • I think you’d enjoy this teacher Marilou and of course I’d LOVE to have you in my class! I’m actually taking TWO classes with her this semester which is just perfect since the spring term is only 8 weeks (as opposed to 12 in fall & winter). Her name is Cynthia and she has the most wonderful approach. She often says “I don’t want to change the way you paint, I just want to help you be YOU 110 percent!”. I’m currently taking her class called Small Canvas / Big Art, as well as a full day painting studio where each person works on their own projects with her gentle yet immensely helpful guidance. One of my favourite art teachers of all time for sure.

    • Yes they’re great paints aren’t they? I just love colour charts and the art store owner where I’m a weekly customer gave me an extra Golden chart he had lying around. Just looking at it feels like (and actually is) a door to millions of possibilities!

  2. zeev shamir

    Looks like a great project to develop your art skills . waiting for part three

    • Zeev, you got that exactly right. I’m very excited about this project because it’s ALL about the process, and at the same time there’s a certain amount of complexity to it which keeps things interesting (you’ll see what I mean when I post Part 3). I’ve got my teacher Cynthia to thank for guiding me along in this process. She really listened to me when I told her about my creative background both personally and professionally and I feel like this project is allowing me to put forth all my strengths in a completely natural and instinctive way where the main focus is to just go with the flow. As you pointed out, I’m learning so much about painting and I’m sure this project will inform many others to come!

  3. rlbourges

    this looks like great fun. I want to join your class, too!

    • You’d have a blast with this teacher. She’s nurturing, encouraging, gives just the right amount of challenges, gives guidance and references when needed, all with great humility and sensitivity… What ALL art teachers should be like. I could say the same about my watercolours teacher Elisabeth too mind you. To think all these years I was walking by the Visual Arts Centre (on Victoria in Westmount) without a clue about how great a school it is!

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