Succulent Series, Part 3

Succulent Series, Part 3

Succulent Series, Part 3

Succulent Series, Part 3

Succulent Series, Part 3

Succulent Series, Part 3

For step 3, I went much larger, with a 30 x 36” canvas. As with the smaller canvases shown here and in previous posts (click here for part 1 and here for part 2), this too is continually evolving. I haven’t yet decided how the whole thing comes together exactly yet, but the last picture is an option I quite like. I concentrated on finishing the smaller canvases (bottom row) this week and several of them have changed quite a bit since I took these pictures. I’m hoping to finish this project this week during our last couple of classes, but we’ll see how that goes since deadlines and me don’t seem to agree much these days!

Paintings and pics by Smiler



  1. marilou

    sooooooo curious what the result’s gonna be !!

    • Me too! I’ve worked on the big canvas and completely transformed it and now not happy with it at all, so it’ll probably be an altogether different painting by the time it’s finished. As for the little ones, I took photos of the final versions which I’ll post soon. xoxo

  2. Pini

    Has anyone told you how gifted you are?

    • Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, especially to such a nice comment! Thanks for the encouragement, it warms my heart every time I read this note of yours. :-)

  3. rlbourges

    I love the treatment on the last photo. xxx

    • It’s quite the installation piece. I hope it gets shown that way someday… right now it’s sitting in a big pile on the floor in my tiny studio!

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