Derelict Van, Interesting Colours

Taken on Thursday, June 10th.

I usually take photographs in black and white. It’s interesting that the colours from a decrepit van would prompt me to stray from my modus operandi.

Derelict Van, by Guacira Naves

Derelict Van, by Guacira Naves



  1. rlbourges

    It works for me , Guacira.

    • guacira

      Thank you to both of you for your encouragement! A part of me was afraid that they were too depressing, so I’m glad that Marilou found the colours appealing. The composition was also a bit tricky, so it’s nice to receive compliments on that, too.

  2. marilou

    beautifull colours, but woderfull composition as well dear!

  3. Colour was definitely the way to go on this one. I love the simplicity of the composition at first glance, and the fact that looking closer, there is so much depth and SPACIOUSNESS thanks to the reflection of the clouds in the window. Good stuff, keep going! :-)

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