“Icones collées”

Why “Glued Icons”? Because these started off as icons I painted over the course of a two-year period in the nineteen nineties. A few weeks ago, preparing for yet another move, I started playing with them, doing glued overlays with various types of papers. All of them are as much in transition as I am myself. Here they are in their present state. (Apologies for the glare on some of them: lighting conditions are not ideal).

“Pennies from Heaven” by R.L. Bourges

“Anybody see the Christ in Victory?” –  “He went that-a-way” by R.L. Bourges

“Saint Simeon the Stylite, Working on his Concentration” by R.L. Bourges

“Tachyon Disortion – or: Wait. Were those Tongues of Fire? Falling from Heaven?” by R.L. Bourges

“Pre-Christmas Saint Nicolas (under wraps)” by R.L. Bourges



  1. marilou

    must have been such a relief, transforming the oldies!
    and you did it with quite some flair as well ;-)

  2. Thank you so much for posting these. They’re quite wonderful and incredibly inspiring. I still have several of your original icons and both versions appeal to me equally. xoxo

  3. p.s. the titles and captions add plenty of flavour too! ;-)

    • rlbourges

      thanks, illi. I use collage as a way to organize story lines or to work out bits of dialogue so, yes, the captions are very much a part of the exercise. xxx

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