Cotton squares

(Woman sleeping in an armchair, by R.L. Bourges – cotton and felt point pen)

Sorting through a closet, I found a sheet with an important tear in it. Ripped it into squares, and started playing with felt point pens on them. This is the first in the series. What I’ll do with them? No idea. For now, it’s simply a way to break the monotony of cleaning out files and choosing what stays and what goes.


(Morning coffee interrupted by inspiration, by R.L. Bourges – cotton and felt point pen)

… it’s turning into an absolute permission I’m granting myself to do absolutely anything with felt point pens, exactly as a child would – so long as I stay off the walls (it’s not my apartment, I don’t want to pay to have it repainted.)



  1. Fun! If you do enough of them, you could maybe make a quilt (along with other bits of found fabric of course).

  2. rlbourges

    funny (why is this red?* no matter): given my talents as a seamstress, I’m thinking more in terms of a wall hanging (that just gave me another idea…) *at least, it was red when I typed it (the red got worked into the idea, so it’s important) :-)

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