Elephant sketches

Elephant sketches

These are two sketches I worked on a couple of months ago now. The project was to choose two photographs to work from and combine, while playing with scale, and I tried these two options. I have a thing for elephants, and I opted to go with the second one with the man-made installation, because the one with the airplane, though I find it interesting in terms of composition, seemed disturbing to me—as if the elephant is being hunted down or something. Of course, now that I think of it, it might have been funnier to make the elephants seem tiny, next to a mouse, say, but I can always try that some other time. I’ve yet to do the final rendering, for which I’ve stuck together a few sheets of Strathmore paper to make a great big surface. I’m posting it here today, which I hope will work as an incentive to get me working on this project again. Sorry about the crummy pics taken in bad lighting.



  1. zeev shamir

    Looks like an exiting project , waiting to see the development … xx

  2. rlbourges

    I love these; and the first one didn’t give me that feeling at all. On the contrary, it seemed to bring the flying machine down to size, so to speak. more postings? xxx

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