Changing Direction

I started this site with the idea that several contributors would join me and post here regularly, and that we’d encourage each other that way to get creative on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I didn’t follow through with keeping things moving along, but I’m very grateful to those who gamely showed their creative process to the world via this site over the past 15 months. I took some time out to figure out what I want to do here going forward, and I’ve decided to change direction and post my own artwork exclusively from now on, along with examples of work by other artists that inform my creative process. I hope that this change will give me an incentive to increase my creative output, if only because I’ll have the sole responsibility of producing content for this blog. Wish me luck and keep viewing and commenting!



  1. marilou

    wish you lots of JOY in making more of your beautiful ans inspiring stuff!!!!
    & THNX for initiating this blog ilana, it was a lovely idea, still is, keep on sharing please!
    xxx mlou

    • Thanks Marilou, I loved seeing your work here, but now will just have to make the extra effort to go out of my way to see more of it. You are one inspiring artist yourself!

      Of course, I always love getting comments and feedback from you, so hope you’ll keep visiting. xx

  2. Lots of luck and love and creativity – I love your work. Pini

    • Thank you so much Pini. I loved your contributions here and am glad we shared this space as contributors for a time. I always look forward to your encouraging comments dear uncle and I”ll just have to keep posting more stuff, if only for the pleasure of getting your feedback. xox

  3. rlbourges

    luck being another name for the universe reciprocating with more ideas, more love, more creativity, more… more. (xxx)

  4. marilou

    i promise i will, comment, and that i won’t be too mean ;-)

  5. marilou

    a mean big hug back! ;-)

  6. zeev shamir

    …And so she walks onto the horizon…where rainbows blossom
    Great hopes for your art wishes , and a healing progress with every step in your creation

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