Transient Pieces

I’ve been intrigued by these outdoor sculptures since they appeared at Cabot Square this Summer. I happened to be walking by on a beautiful day this weekend, and couldn’t help but notice the way the light was hitting one of the sculptures, so I took out my iPhone and grabbed a few quick shots with one hand, while holding Coco’s leash in the other. Coco kept wanting to go off and explore all the smells, and the cold air chilled to the bone, so it became an interesting challenge. The sculptures are part of a temporary exhibit by artist Glen Le Mesurier, called Arcane de mer. In all, there are ten sculptures made from steel parts taken from old trains and ships and these took the artist two years to put together. The stated intention was to bring to mind the sea voyages of explorer Giovanni Caboto (1450-1499), who’s bronze statue has been gracing the park since the 1930s, but I think it’s best to just enjoy them for the interesting shapes, and the way they catch the light and interact with their environment. I may yet return with my proper camera to get more shots of these pieces before they are spirited away.

Photos by Smiler


One comment

  1. rlbourges

    these are great. You’ve changed the format. (let us know on the other blog, maybe?) xxx

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