A Watercolour Class with Elisabeth G.

We’ve been doing a lot of drawing in our watercolours classes lately. Our latest exercise is an exploration of portraiture. Since most of us haven’t done portraits in quite a while, our teacher took us through several warm-up exercises. The first was to copy works by Karl Schmidt-Rottluff and Käthe Kollwitz in charcoal. Mine are the fourth and fifth from the left. For obvious reasons, the woodcut portrait became known to us as “Frankenstein”. It was amazing to see all the different interpretations up on the wall together. Also shown is our weekly tea ritual, which Elisabeth treats us to during every class; a different blend of teas each time, served in a collection of beautiful hand-made ceramic teacups and bowls. Most weeks also is a slide show and/or various selected art books are on display as inspiration. Another exercise consisted in doing an interpretation of “Frankenstein” using a wet-on-wet technique of paint application. Next week, we’re at it again! Click on the thumbnails to view the pictures.


One comment

  1. rlbourges

    much impressed, notably by the wet-on-wet series

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