Volume and Roundness (aka Julie)

For our figure and portraiture class, we spent the first 4 weeks working with Julie, a wonderfully rubenesque model perfectly cast for an exercise on volumes and roundness. For the first class, to help us focus solely on volumes, the instructor showed us inspiration by Picasso, Lucian Freud and others (see examples here) and then had us working with a small painting using a monochromatic palette for which he had the model wear a full-body white spandex suit which also completely covered the head and face. Funny-looking, but effective. Then, over the following 3 weeks, we worked on a large canvas focusing on various aspects of painting, including composition and colour mixing, for a full 18 hours of work. Click on the images below to view the various steps of the project. I don’t think this painting is quite finished yet, though I quite like that unfinished quality as well, so we’ll see what comes next.

Paintings and pics by Smiler (2012)



  1. Amazing progression, sumptuous tone …you are truly a Renaissance woman! Congratulations!!!!

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  3. litllewolfe

    Amazing progress , i repeat . As was said before by Kristina .
    XX z.

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