Coloured Paper

First we did the white on white exercise for our abstract watercolours class, which was followed up by this logical next step, working with coloured paper. The lesson here was that abstract art can come from observation and isn’t necessarily created from the clear blue sky every time. This is a good thing, because I happen to like working from tangible objects and beings quite a lot.

Pics by Smiler. Individual watercolour pieces by Smiler.



  1. lalaloutje

    intriguing ‘other’ version!!! somehow it ‘feels’ like a pertetuum mobile …

    • Marilou, your comment taught me about a whole new concept. I did not know what a perpetuum mobile was and thought it was a kind of mobile (the things you hang that dangle in the air), until I looked it up. Very interesting…

  2. rlbourges

    the other version is my fave (xxx)

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