A sitting with my father

I’ve grown to really love working from live models through my various figure and portrait classes taken at art school. The experience has a very immediate quality that feels a bit like performance art, and always yields most unexpected results. My father being a willing and available model, and an interesting subject besides, we just completed our second sitting together yesterday, taking advantage of gorgeous weather out on my back balcony, which is surrounded by greenery. I had in mind this time to do expressive portraits, and as I’d just re-posted a detail from a drawing I did last year for an expressive figure drawing class on my other blog, I was inspired to try a similar approach with my dad. I enjoy this particular process so much, and it frees one from being stuck in trying to do “good” drawings so effectively, that it’s something I’d love to do with other people in my circle of family and friends eventually, if they’ll let me!

All drawings and pics by Smiler. Above: (as yet) Untitled, 2012, soft pastel on paper. 



  1. pshamir1

    I like your drwaing.

  2. rlbourges

    je me répète (bis)

  3. I like 9950 most as it brings Zeev’s personality to life -in the eyes and smile

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