Pascale, Step 4

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Well, I would have loved to finish this painting during this 4th and last class on this particular project, but it was not to be. I tend to be quite methodical and exacting, an approach which is only exacerbated with this technique, when one attempts to be as faithful to the original as possible. During this class, I put on the first layer of red glazing on the curtains and then on the jewels. See the slideshow to view other developments.



  1. I like the latest developments! I think I’d mentioned before that I kept worrying that I preferred the first stage before the glazing but I think I’m starting to see what the end result might look like. Looking forward to seeing it when it’s finished :-)

    • You know Heather, I was quite happy with the first stage too, as I quite liked my original drawing and the underpainting. But of course in the context of the class, I had to keep going with it. I can’t say I’m in love with this painting for it’s artistic merit (if any), and doubt very much I’d hang it up on my wall, but as an exercise I’m quite happy with it. Do you know what I mean?

      • I think so – there’s got to be a place for experimentation and learning new techniques and you can feel a sense of accomplishment from that even if it doesn’t produce what you think are your best pieces.

      • Yes, something like that. Mostly though, I try to avoid the pressure that comes with the concern to produce “good work”. I let that worry me for so many years during which I didn’t produce anything at all. So from now on, even if all I ever do is experiment and take classes, I’ll be happy with that. Or at, least, that’s what I tell myself. ;-)

  2. rlbourges

    striking how the shading gives expression to the face; I’d love to see this painting “in real” (and to watch you work on it). “good work” – when I start worrying about what I’m writing, I stop; do something; then, come back, once the critic in my head takes a break. bonne continuation à la maison. (xxx)

  3. The shading, yes, but I think what made the biggest difference were the eyes. They were just black spots at first, and when I added the irises, I found it made a huge difference. Thanks for the encouragement. I really would like to finish this one. Maybe someone would actually want to buy it eventually? Never know. xx

  4. rlbourges

    “someone want to buy it” – can’t see why not. If memory serves, there were a few art galleries on Green ave, back when.

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