Plant with Man – Week 1

We started a 3-week project in my summer painting class, this time with a male model. Not young nor old, tall with a dancer’s body. I spent at least 30 minutes figuring out my composition with a viewfinder first—I liked the studio setup, and was tempted to do a full body composition with plenty of background details, as I’m working on a larger canvas (36 x 30”; 91.5 x 76 cm), but figured with only 3 weeks and working at the pace I do, I’d best concentrate on the essentials. The technique we’re exploring is “a la prima”, or direct painting, with colours applied one on top of the other while still wet. This week we worked on the underpainting (see Pascale Step 1), without the charcoal drawing this time.

(click on a thumbnail to view the gallery)



  1. zeev shamir

    This looks promising…
    Cheers for your creative endeavor .
    XX z.

  2. rlbourges

    muy cool + I like the palette you chose

    • Glad you like. As for the colour however, all of us worked with Burnt Sienna and had the option of adding black. Like the Pascale project, this underpainting will disappear completely under the coming layers and is just there as a template of sorts.

  3. rlbourges

    I like the color anyway + I’ll know it’s there

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