Plant with Man – Week 2

We started applying skin tones this week, a la prima. I must say I was pretty horrified with the work I was doing for the better part of the class; three hours in, by lunchtime I only had the racoon eyes done, while everyone else had covered most of the body, or at least the whole face! Things started slowly coming together toward the end. One more week of class-time on this one, then I’ll be finishing it at home—I’ve taken plenty of pictures of the star of the image, i.e. The Plant, which I’ll work on at my own leisure. Click on the thumbnails to view the gallery, or click here to see Week 1.



  1. rlbourges

    this gives “body painting” a whole new layer of meaning. Carry on (xxx)

  2. lalaloutje

    wauw, impressive!!!!

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