Plant with Man – Week 3

It’ll be pretty obvious looking at these photos the painting isn’t finished yet, but the essentials are there. I don’t have a lot of work in progress photos to show because I was too focused on getting the model part of the painting done before the end of our final session with him to take any. I was happy with the result once I saw it sitting among the other paintings during class critique ; I felt it held it’s own and got good feedback from our teacher Ian, who said I’d managed to keep the colours pure and avoid muddiness, something apparently difficult to achieve. I wouldn’t know about that being new to oil painting, but whatever it is I’m doing right, I hope I keep doing it. As previously mentioned, I have pictures of the plant I’ll be working from at home, and Ian gave me a rousing challenge when he said Lucian Freud spent incalculable amounts of time on plants in his paintings to achieve the same amount of detail as he put into his models. Not that he set the bar high or anything… :-)

Click here to see week 1
Click here to see week 2



  1. What an amazing job you did with the face/head of this model. It grabs me everytime I see it.
    The progression is really interesting…

  2. litllewolfe

    I AGREE 100% with ceeinme , an amazing progression with this painting .
    XX z.

  3. rlbourges

    yep; and now, the plant.looking forward to the final result.

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