Incidentally, a Man (Part 1)

For our third and final project in our summer painting class, the assignment was to take a contemporary approach to figure painting, using mixed media. We were instructed to tackle the figure in an expressive way, as opposed to trying to make a perfect likeness of the model. We were encouraged to mix drawing with painting, and to show the process in the final painting by leaving parts of the piece seemingly unfinished, with the paint itself being the main topic. We were shown works by various contemporary artists for inspiration such as Alex Kanevsky (, Sean Cheetham, Sophie Jodoin, Diarmuid Kelley, and Andrew Salgado, among others. Otherwise, we were encouraged to do our own research, and other than being asked to start with a coloured surface, were given very few guidelines, no technical instructions and very little input in the first week. The general idea was to experiment and not have a specific result in mind. The project is finished now, and all I’ve got left to do is to pick up my 30 x 40″ (76 x 101 cm)  wood canvas at the studio next week once it’s dry enough to carry home. The images I’m posting today show what I did during week 1 of 3. Click on an image to view larger.



  1. rlbourges

    again, I love the work in progress photos, illi.

  2. litllewolfe

    Your work is outstanding , very impressive .
    No wonder the teacher gave you an extraordinary favorable report at the end of the course .
    XX z.

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