Incidentally, a Man… finis.

For the last stage of the project, our instructor suggested I do quite minor interventions such as glazing the figure and adding more colour in the background, advice which suited me just fine since I didn’t want to make any major changes. I also added details to the face. I finished this piece on September 5th and it’s still not completely dry because of all the medium I used! Now I wish I knew what to do with it. I’ll soon have to get extra storage somewhere for all my canvases. Or find buyers for them.

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  1. ceeinme

    Excellent! Love the finishng touches… love the colors :-)
    You are so good at faces – I’m glad there are two!

  2. zeev shamir

    Excellent !!!
    And do both ; Find storage and a buyers
    XX z.

  3. rlbourges

    bravo (+ all of the above) L

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