Pensive Lady (a drawing in 12 snapshots)

This woman on the metro really inspired me to draw her, and I was lucky enough to capture her expression on a candid shot I could work from, since drawing her right there and then wasn’t an option. Over 20 hours later, I think I’ve more or less gone as far as this drawing wants to go. I just love the idea of capturing a moment that to most people is completely insignificant and then labouring over every detail; commuting from point a to point b usually feels like time lost, and is rarely memorable, yet it’s so much a part of our daily lives.  There’s already another in the works, so it’s looking like this concept might turn into a series. The image above shows the work in progress. See the gallery for the final drawing.




  1. zeev shamir

    Great idea and excellent execution , Bravo !!!

  2. rlbourges

    I agree.

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