The last couple of drawing classes were all about cutting loose with ink; China ink or Japan ink, using a variety of brushes and/or sticks, with a big emphasis on expressivity. Last week, our teacher asked us to bring in 10 sheets of manilla paper cut into quarters. She set up a bunch of objects in the middle of the studio; the idea wasn’t so much to draw the objects themselves as using them to inspire free drawings. We were encouraged to do a great many of them and not focus on results (hence all those sheets of lower grade paper; we also had phone book paper to work on). It was great preparation for this week’s class, for which we had one of my favourite models, Stella. We started by making a bunch of marks on the paper before having Stella pose for us, then incorporated her as we wished. I admit I was quite lost last week, but really found my groove today. Click on a thumbnail to view the images larger.



  1. rlbourges

    I like the whole thing; the progression shots make up a story of their own

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