Triple B Girl on the Metro

IMG_5285 (3)

Goodness knows I haven’t posted on this blog in an awful long time, but I’ve decided to remedy that and start posting more regularly again by popular demand. I already posted my first drawing of a Pensive Lady in what is destined to be my “Metro Series”, consisting of drawings of people based on candid shots I grab on the metro. This Triple B (Big Black & Beautiful) girl could’t fail to grab my attention. I didn’t keep a count of how much time I spent on this drawing, but I think it’s probably somewhere in the range of 100-150 hours. My reproduction isn’t very good as the paper is bright white, but I’ve done what I could for now. You can view some of the steps from the initial sketch to final drawing in the gallery below (just click on any image to view larger). I’ve started on the third drawing in the series about a week ago and it’ll be a while before I can post the final result, but I have plenty of other material to show in the meantime. Stay tuned…



  1. litllewolfe

    Great work ; You come a log way , and probably will develop farther
    Zeev XX

  2. This is beautiful Ilana

  3. Wow! Amazing attention to details and breathtaking clarity!

  4. rlbourges

    good work. I’m staying tuned. xx

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