Progress Report


This is what my Girl with Pompom Hat looked like last time I took a shot of her, which was last week. It’s progressed some more since then, but I do feel an itch to show something for my daily efforts. The face was reworked several times more to get to this version and I’m still not completely satisfied with it, but I’m getting there. The coat is now almost finished whereas in this version I was reworking the left sleeve. The white parts where her t-shirt and leggings should be will be very dark, unless I decide to deliberately leave them blank. The hair certainly is an interesting challenge.



  1. Jackie

    Very nice! Will it be black and white?

    • Hi Jackie! Yes, this is a series of pencil drawings I’m working on (this being the third so far) and hoping to show at the cultural centre within a year or two when I’ve got a dozen or more finished. You can see the previous drawing I did on the blog, of a big black beautiful girl which I’m quite happy with.

  2. dear this girl is so expressive i feel like meeting her :)

  3. rlbourges


  4. I am constantly amazed and impressed by your talent. Very beautiful…

  5. Thanks Claudia, glad you dropped by!

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