Girl with Pom-Pom Hat: Start to Finish


I started this one in the beginning of December 2013 and finished it at the beginning of March 2014; I counted roughly 120 hours of work from start to finish. As with the others, it is graphite (from 6H to 4B, mostly mechanical pencils) on paper and roughly 12 x 15 inches (30 x 38 cm). Girl with Pom-Pom Hat is portrait #3 in my Metro Series: you can view the others in the series by clicking on that tag below (in small blue text). Click on one of the thumbnails to view a larger version and to scroll through the gallery. I’ve since started working on portrait #4, the first man in the series so far, which I’m calling Man with Loaded Pen-Pocket. Stay tuned!



  1. rlbourges

    I love following the progression like this

  2. This drawing is positively exquisite….I saw the post on Facebook and had to come over her, to see it “on the big screen”, as it were…I don’t suppose you have any prints, for sale…because i would buy one, yes I would..

    • Thanks so much for dropping by here Jude! No prints, at this stage, no. The photos I’ve taken of the final pieces aren’t good enough to make reproductions from, but I’m very flattered you asked! Maybe at some point down the line…

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