Metro Series #5: Work in Progress



Started on this new drawing for my Metro portrait Series last week. It’s slowly starting to come together. I’m calling it Metro Series #5: Woman with Headscarf. There’s a lot of intricate patterns in her skirt which will be an interesting challenge/puzzle. I’ll have to fix her mouth to give her more of a bemused Mona Lisa kind of smile which somehow didn’t come through with this first effort.



  1. pshamir1

    Love it

  2. rlbourges

    ah. hello to her and to you. xxx

    • Hi hi. Sorry been quiet lately. Mostly been struggling with the blasted migraine. I’m thinking I should probably give it a name at this point since it spends so much time hanging around with me.

  3. rlbourges

    (and hello to Pini, too)

  4. Thanks for the encouragement. It’s slow going, but satisfying!

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