Metro Series #5: A Facelift

IMG_7042Before and After: This poor woman looked much too morose for my liking yesterday, my own chronic migraine probably imprinting itself onto her lips and eyes, which is not what I was aiming at, so maybe two hours of corrective work later, she’s looking more like what I intended to begin with. Now I can proceed forward. (you can click on left image to view larger)




  1. Do you ask people by the day if you can draw them? What I mean is…is it allowed to just draw anybody you see on the streets or on the metro?

  2. rlbourges

    are you sure about the answer being no? I haven’t checked any law books but people sketch other people all the time. not to mention grabbing shots on their phone. not to mention google map zooming down on the world while this one parks his car and that other window shops etc. What is ‘not allowed’ about drawing someone’s likeness? (xxx)

  3. Lucie, I just amended my answer to remrov after seeing your message, because I just realise I’d misread the message originally and answered based on what I’d understood. Of course you’re right. There is no clear-cut answer there. It seems like it’s a free-for-all. All I know is I was raised and nourished on the old masters when it comes to art, and they drew and painted whatever inspired them, and that’s what I decided I wanted to do as well. There are people’s pics being posted daily on Facebook and all over the internet showing them in embarrassing situations for the specific intention of shaming or ridiculing them, accompanied by mean-spirited commentaries, and nobody seems to get in trouble for that, save for the occasional public censure.

    Obviously what I’m doing is entirely different. I hope I can aspire to call what I’m doing Fine Art, and I leave it entirely up to the viewer to decide what they think of the subject, and I certainly have no malicious intention when I set out to portray them. Indeed, I couldn’t spend hundreds of hours drawing someone who was unsympathetic to me.

    So as far as I’m concerned, I don’t see what I’m doing as being wrong in the least. Though I don’t ask permission, because I want to catch people while they are unaware and being entirely natural, which they can only continue to be when they think they are being unobserved.

  4. rlbourges

    my sentiment exactly, illi

  5. Your drowings are indeed works of fine art
    and some therapy for your well beeng
    Zev XXX

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