Metro Series #5: Progress Report

I get lost amid all the folds of her scarf, her blouse, start on the patterns adorning the strap of her messenger bag…


Next thing I know things are getting ever more complex, I sketch out the typography on the newspaper over and over again, can’t seem to get it right, then the patterns of the bag itself, which are ever more intricate. I get discouraged at the thought of the skirt I’ve yet to tackle: yet more elaborate patterns on top of patterns are ahead. I decide I may have finally taken on a project that is beyond my abilities. This is surely the most detailed and most complex of all my subjects so far, I will drive myself demented in the attempt, yet the difficulty of it is precisely what drew me to it… then I step back and think, “If I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, then I simply need to start taking smaller bites” and decide to aim for shorter drawing sessions until I’ve hit my comfort zone again.

Then I remember, to the right, all that space, that stainless-steel door, the wall, all so simple in comparison, and I’m off again, spend a couple of hours on completing a square inch or two…





  1. rlbourges

    amazing (xxx)

  2. litllewolfe

    Your narative is telling us the dificult steps of your briliant execution and probably helping you to resolve it

  3. You’re probably right about that, good observation. xx

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