Rocky: Halfway There



My portrait commission of Rocky has been progressing day by day, with one to two-hour drawing sessions, and regular updates sent to my client and friend Pat. I’ve more or less arrived at the halfway point now. I’m going around clockwise and bringing sections to near completion, mostly to avoid smudging the work, but also to have something worth showing as I go. Once the whole drawing is in place I’ll make overall adjustment, add background tone, and probably come in with an even darker black in some areas to add further contrast. I’ve asked myself about whether I shouldn’t leave myself a little bit of room for interpretation, as opposed to let the photo dictate every single detail, but I think I’m quite happy with photorealism, and the interpretation comes in as far as deciding to add in more detail than the naked eye can perceive, as I really pushed my reference photo to make it much more intricate than the original reference Pat had supplied me.  I look forward to posting all the steps from start to finish once the project is completed.



  1. rlbourges

    fine work, illi

  2. You’re doing a great job. :)

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