Rocky Today



This is what our cairn terrier Rocky is looking like today. I’ve been going at it a bit more slowly as I near the completion of the project, which doesn’t seem to displease my client and friend Pat who has expressed that she is saddened to see the project come to a close, as she has been enjoying seeing the regular updates I’ve been sending her as much as the prospect of getting the completed piece. Talk about the ideal client! I’ve been focusing on Rocky’s right eye area for the last week, which has been a real brain-teaser and kept me on my toes, but I’m quite happy with how things are evolving. The whole left side of the image is still mostly sketched out at the moment, but slowly emerging. I’ll eventually start adding tone to the background as well, which will help define Rocky in space as well as the area of the image. I’ve told Pat to expect her completed drawing well in time for Christmas so she should be able to get it framed and show it to her family when they all gather together at her newly constructed home for the holiday season.


One comment

  1. rlbourges

    saw the update on Facebook. Almost there, illi, good show.

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