Rocky: Almost There…

IMG_7651 (1)


Rocky is all in place now, and I’m just working out final details and putting in the darkest darks, which are all done on the right-hand side of the image and still being worked in on the left side. The background obviously still needs to be worked on, and as Rocky himself is slightly tilted, I’ll also fix the horizon line and put it at more of an angle. I think I’ll keep the background simple though to keep all the focus on Rocky who is richly detailed. 50 hours in, I’m starting to see the end isn’t so far off now. I’ve taken loads of pictures along the way and look forward to posting lots of images of the progression here on the blog when I have the final piece ready.



  1. rlbourges

    great job

  2. Oh, sweet Rocky! You’re doing a great job.

  3. Claudia, thanks doll! :-)xx

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